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Why Use A Property Management Expert to Lease Your Sarasota Rental Property?

  • Save valuable time

    In today’s hectic environment, many people simply do not have the time to manage the time-consuming business of managing a Sarasota investment property. Marketing and showing a Sarasota rental property and preparing a lease, once a properly-screened tenant is found, generally represents weeks of work.

    That is not to mention the additional time and stress of monthly rent collection, dealing with tenant repair needs, addressing tenant disputes, and sometimes negotiating the hassle of an eviction and debt collection.

    Furthermore, if the other obligations in your life make it difficult to drop everything to capitalize on an interested tenant prospect, you may be missing out on opportunities. Today’s real estate market demands swift action as it presents a lot of options for renters.

  • Protect your Sarasota Rental Property

    Vacant properties can pose a liability. As they are not under the constant surveillance of an occupant, vacant properties are subject to undetected repair issues and vandalism. For this reason, homeowner’s insurance companies generally assess additional premiums to unoccupied properties.

    Are you up-to-date on the latest rental scams that prey upon owners and prospective tenants? Do you know where to start to best screen a tenant? Are you current on Federal and Florida law rental and real estate legislation? Are you versed in how to properly handle an eviction or your rights and responsibilities as a landlord? In today’s litigious environment that tends to favor tenants, do you want to risk the potential liability of managing a Sarasota rental property yourself?

  • Reduce lost revenue

    Professional property managers know the Sarasota rental market better than anyone else. It takes someone in the business to help you best determine the best target rental rate for your Sarasota investment property and work with you on a strategy to minimize vacancy time. Through our experience, we also have established which marketing tools reach the broadest audiences and yield the best results.

    Did you realize that every week your unit remains vacant your annual revenue is diminished by nearly 2%?

  • Reduce expenses

    Because of our extensive experience in Sarasota rental property management, we know how to avoid unnecessary repairs and reduce your maintenance expenses. We have an extensive, on-going working relationship with contractors, so we know the best contractor for each type of job. We use only well-screened, established contractors who offer competitive rates and prompt reply time. Our knowledge and experience helps keep your unit well-maintained (i.e., expenses down) and your tenant happy (i.e., revenue up).
  • Get good tenants

    In the current real estate market, more and more real estate agents are taking up property management to supplement lagging sales volume. However, whereas all Florida professional property managers are licensed real estate agents, not all real estate agents can call themselves professional property managers. Rental property management is a highly specialized niche within the real estate industry. Using a professional property manager with years of experience in Sarasota rental property management offers you a distinct advantage.

    Mount Vernon Property Management’s associates are not only fully-licensed by the State of Florida, but they are all members of the National Association of Realtors®, as well as other state and local Realtor® associations, and therefore must abide by the addition requirements of that designation.

  • But I cannot afford to pay a professional property manager…

    For the reasons outlined above, can you really afford not to? If a professional property manager can produce better results for you faster, you’ll quickly find our fees pay for themselves. That’s not to mention that property management fees are generally tax-deductible expenses associated with your investment property. Consult your tax preparer for details.
  • Full-service vs. Lease-only Options

    We are pleased to offer property owners a choice in services for marketing and renting vacant units. Our managed program provides the best value and full-service management. Our non-managed program offers an alternative for owners who live locally and prefer to manage the unit themselves. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation proposal.

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Our Services Managed Program
(Lease Only)
Competitive market analysis to establish market rental rate.
Expert recommendations on how to prepare your Sarasota investment property for marketing.
Broad-spectrum marketing plan including advertising on Mount Vernon Property Management’s website, the regional MLS, Realtor.com, Rentals.com, and a network of over 30 other Internet sites.
Handle all potential tenant inquiries and conduct showings of the unit.
Thorough tenant screening including criminal background, credit, and eviction history.
Tenant placement and lease preparation.
Collection and maintenance of tenant deposits per Florida law. Initial collection & maintenance only
Collection of rent. Initial collection of rent only
Management of service requests from tenants.  
Referral of service needs to established, competent, competitive, screened vendors.  
Move-in & move-out inspections.  
Tenant-conflict mediation.  
Interface with Homeowner’s Associations.  
Initiation of eviction process and referral to an effective, experienced landlord/tenant attorney to complete evictions.  
Referral of debt to collection service.  
Annual 1099 service.
Detailed monthly accounting with invoices by property.  
Deposit your proceeds via Direct Deposit.  
Payment of vendors from owner proceeds for repairs and expenses pertaining to the property.  
Available for Annual Rentals.
Available for Seasonal Rentals.  
Prepare contracts for tenants desiring to purchase your property.
Agency services for the sale or purchase of your Sarasota investment property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of screening do you do?
We conduct a thorough screening of all adult applicants including a review of consumer credit, landlord & utility collections, check writing history, eviction history, and Social Security identity check, as well as a 50-state criminal and 48-state sex-offender search, in addition to an Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) search and FBI Terrorist list search.

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